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harga blower

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Vacuum Cleaner Electrolux Z-931 with Power Regulator

This is my second time I write about Vacuum cleaner product. Today i will write about Electrolux Z-931. From the image below you can see how unique this product look like. From the picture we can see how simple this vacuum cleaner look like, and i think use this stuff will really easy. This product integrate with cool specs and feature like Large drum capacity, Large Dust Bag, Nil Dust Bag Indicator, and other, and the best think for this product is the price, you only need pay Rp. 1,775,000 to own this stuff.

Model : Z-931

Kategori Small Appliances > Vacuum Cleaner
Merk Electrolux
Stok Call
Garansi 1 Thn Electrolux Indonesia
Harga Rp. 1,775,000,-

Flexio II, Vacuum Cleaner Electrolux with Powerful with large drum capacity of 30 litres


Superb Power & Capacity
Large drum capacity with strong suction for excellent pick-up.
• Superb Stability
Ergonomically designed wheels provide excellent stability.
Large Dust Bag
Equipped with large paper dust bag
Colour: Orange
Power Regulator:: Yes
Dust Bag Indicator: Nil
Parking Function: Vertical
Extension Tube: Alu telescopic
Floor Nozzle: Vario 500
Crevice Nozzle: Yes
Upholstery Nozzle: Yes
Cord rewind device: Yes
Action Radius (m): 8
Exhaust filter: Micro
Motor Filter: Yes
Dust Bag / Bin Capacity (L): Standard 15L / 30L
Cleaner Weight (kg): 6
Max Motor Power (W): 1600
Other features: Blower function
If we compare with Electrolux ZUSG-3900, which one do you think have more simple design?

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Modena Built-in oven 55 Cm – stainless

What do you think while you see the image of Modena Built-in oven 55 Cm? Model number for this great oven is BO2631, and the price is Rp. 4,100,000. If you need Air conditioner, read LG Hercules Inverter AC. This device have a lot of good application.

Modena Built-in oven 55 Cm - stainless
Model : BO2631

Kategori Oven > Oven
Merk Modena
Stok Ready
Garansi 1 Tahun Modena Indonesia
Harga Rp. 4,100,000,-

Modena Built-in oven 55 Cm – stainless


Jenis oven Listrik + Fan Blower
Warna Stainless

Kapasitas oven (liter) 57
Panjang (cm) 54 Lebar (cm) 60 Tinggi (cm) 60
Panjang lubang pada meja dapur (cm) 55 Lebar lubang pada meja dapur (cm) 56 Tinggi lubang pada meja dapur (cm) 59
Tungku gas oven bagian bawah Listrik
Tungku gas oven bagian atas Listrik
Alat pemutar panggangan – Kaca oven 2 Lapis
Pematik otomatis api oven – Pengaman kebocoran gas oven – Lampu oven Ya Thermostat Ya Timer Ya Rak oven Ya Plat penadah tetesan masakan Ya
Konsumsi oven listrik (watt) 2100

Above i suggest you with ac product, if you have more time read also Panasonic Alowa II.

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