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harga led tv di indonesia

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Samsung 32″ LCd TV, 4 Series

Samsung 32″ LCd TV have good price for you. Price for this tv is Rp. 3,500,000, this is really chepa price for good quality. Specification for this good LCD TV is Samsung 32inch 50hz Led, 720p Hd Ready Picture, Headphone Socket and another great feature. Read also SlimFit FLAT SAMSUNG 21″, this TV have imagine piano black perfection specification.

Samsung 32
Model : 32C400

Kategori Televisi > LCD TV
Merk Samsung
Stok Ready
Garansi 1 Thn Samsung Electronic Indonesia
Harga Rp. 3,500,000,-

Samsung 32″ LCd TV, 4 Serie


Samsung 32inch 50hz Led
720p Hd Ready Picture
Mpeg4 Irish Digital Tv
4x Hdmi Digital Connections
Wide Colour Enhancer
Usb Movie Playback
Scart Adaptor
Optical Audio Output
Vga Pc Input
Headphone Socket
Slim Led Technology
3D Plasma TV Panasonic 50″, this TV is really large. With a lot of good stuff. Check it to compare with Samsung product.

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Kulkas Hitachi Side by Side,605Lt R-S80EGD8 with Super Moist Drawer

Hitachi fridge R-S80EGD8 really great stuff for your kitchen. from the image, you can imagine how great this fridge will make your kitchen more beautiful. you will get 5 years hitachi indonesia guarantee if buy this fridge, that will make you feel comfortable. The price for this fridge is Rp. 14,750,000,-, really expensive especial for me. Specification for this fridge is Blue LED Display, MINUS-ZERO Cooling, Nano Titanium, Chill Leaking Alarm, Tempered Glass Shelves, Dairy Pocket, Xenon Lamp, and another great stuff.

Kulkas Hitachi Side by Side,605Lt R-S80EGD8
Model : R-S80EGD8 (SILVER)

Kategori Kulkas > Side By Side
Merk Hitachi
Stok Ready
Garansi 5 Tahun Hitachi Indonesia
Harga Rp. 14,750,000,-

Kulkas Hitachi Side by Side,605Lt


• Blue LED Display
Nano Titanium
Chill Leaking Alarm
Refrigerator Compartment
Tempered Glass Shelves
• Dairy Pocket
Xenon Lamp
Vegetable Compartment
• Super Moist Drawer
• 2-Way Humidity Controller
Freezer Compartment
• Twist Ice Tray
• Tempered Glass Shelves
• Xenon Lamp
• Dimensions (W x D x H) : 910 x 720 x 1,760 mm
Color: GS, GBK, GWH

Read also about Hitachi Washing Machine with Air Jet Dry , this Washing Machine product have a lot of advantage for you.

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