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harga mesin cuci electrolux cap 35 kg

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Buy Zanussi Top Load Washer EWT-904 with Agitator, 9 KG

Electrolux EWT-904 is the name of washer product i will write now. From the image below you can see really clear how this full auto top loading washer look like. For me this washing machine have really simple design, what about you, do you have same think with me? This Electrolux washer have a lot of good feature like Ease-of-Use Operation, 35% Cleaner Washing Performance, Eco Rinse Program, Uniform Washing System and other, you can read detail below. Buy this full auto washer only with price Rp. 2,975,000, and you will get 5 years guarantee. Another good product from the same brand i know you will interesting is Electrolux EWT-113.

Model : EWT-904

Kategori Mesin Cuci > Full Automatis Top Loading
Merk Electrolux
Stok Call
Garansi 5 Thn Electrolux Indonesia
Harga Rp. 2,975,000,-

Zanussi Top Load Washer with Agitator, 9 KG


Loading Capacity (kg): 9
Spin Speed (RPM): 850
Washing Technology: T-Drive
Rinse Option: Extra/Deep/ECO Rinse
Water Control: 4 Level
User Interface: Program Dial with LED
‘Clean Me’ function with
Self Cleaning: removable lint filter in core
Washing Program: 12 Programs
Washing Preference: Soaking/Delay Start
Drive System: Stabilized Belt-Driven
Colour: White
Dimension [W x D x H] (mm): 680 x 670 x 1071
Uniform Washing System
Uniform Wash technology delivers constant cleaning, regardless of the load size. Each load is uniformly cleaned from the top to the bottom of the drum.
• Anti-Tangle System
A tangle-free wash, everytime you wash, T-Drive cycles water uniformly throughout the drum and gently separates clothes for a tangle-free wash. No more hassle removing your wash load from the drum.
• Anti-Residue System
T-Drive’s unique agitating action delivers better detergent dilution than other top load washers to prevent unseemly detergent residues appearing on dried clothes.
Eco Rinse Program
Option for saving the planet, especially for smaller load. T-Drive top load washers feature ECO RINSE program that saves up to 50% of the water used on extra rinse cycles. It works by spraying water only in small pulses. After each pulse, the drum spins to remove the dirty water from the clothes.
35% Cleaner Washing Performance
T-Drive washing machines use a paddle which replicates the thorough yet gentle action of hand-washing. It delivers a 35% increase in washing performance over the conventional pulsator top load washers.
Ease-of-Use Operation
For your convenience, we placed the lint filter in the middle of the core for easy removal and not easily worn out. Our designers have also created an elegant and intuitive display panel that gives you total command over your wash while pressing as few buttons as possible.

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Panasonic Full Auto Washing Machine, 9 KG

Panasonic NAF-902B is top loading washing machine type, what do you think about this product design from Panasonic? For me this washer have good design, and will really good to replace old one. Can you imagine how great this product will help your washing activity. Price for this full auto washer product from Panasonic is Rp. 2,400,000, and you will get 5 years guarantee. This washing machine have good specs and feature, you can read detail below.

Model : NAF-902B

Kategori Mesin Cuci > Full Automatis Top Loading
Merk Panasonic
Stok Call
Garansi 5 Thn Panasonic Gobel Indonesia
Harga Rp. 2,400,000,-

Panasonic Full Auto Washing Machine, 9 KG


• Kapasitas 9 Kg
• Auto Power Off
• 5 Programmed Course (Normal, Speedy, Tub Hygiene, Delicate, Extra Rinse)
• 6 Water Level Settings
• Pre-set Timer (Delay Start)
• Digital Display
• Semi Auto Restart
• Child Lock
• Daya Cuci yang Tinggi
• • Aquabeat 3D waterflow
1. Beat screw: BB flapper menghasilkan tenaga lebih kuat untuk mengucek cucian
2. Beat Flash: Aliran air dari jet berkekuatan tinggi mengangkat kotoran yang melekat pada serat pakaian
3. Beat tide: Aliran air dengan gerakan vertical berulang, efektif mengangkat noda kotoran tanpa membuat pakaian kusut

• Twin Scrub wash board : Kekuatan mencuci meningkat 20% dengan 2 papan pencuci unik yang menyikat bersih kotoran

Foam Wash : Deterjen menjadi lebih pekat, dengan busa padat yang menembus serat pakaian dan mengangkat noda minyak serta kotoran pada serat bahan.
• Super Higienis
• • Ag+ Air-Filter*: Filter Udara Ag+ berfungsi untuk mencegah partikel-partikel zat dari udara dan menciptakan filter anti bakteri dari efek Ag.

• Anti bacterial Pulsator: Lapisan Anti-bakteri mencegah timbulnya bakteri di tempat-tempat tak terlihat

*Pada mesin cuci Eco Aquabeat tipe NA-F902H
• Hemat Energi
• Dengan Auto Power Off konsumsi listrik pada mesin cuci berkurang hingga 30%* sehingga mengurangi tagihan listrik bulanan.
*dibandingkan dengan NA-F8500H
General Information
Washing Capacity (kg) 9.0
Washable Number of Dress Shirt (pieces) 35
Weight 31
Frequency 50
Rated Power Consumption (V) 117
Spin Speed (with cloth load) 730
Fuzzy Logic Control -
Child Lock Ya
Level Indicator -
Digital Display Ya
Aquabeat Wash 0
Scrub Washboard 0 (2)
Foam Wash 0
Pulsator Anti Bakteri -
Ag Crystal Shower 0
Stainless Steel Tub 0
Water Level Setting 6
Manual Setting -
Selectable Soak -
Pre-Set Timer (Delay Start) 2-24jam
Auto Restart 0 (semi)
Stand-by Energy Consumption-Zero Tidak
Programed Course Selection 5 (Normal, Speedy, Tub Hygiene, Delicate, Extra Rinse)
Body Color Abu-abu
Dimensi (W x D x H) 523×560×902
Another good washing machine product i want you to read is Electrolux ZWS-70M, this product is semi auto type.

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Sanken Celosia, Twin Tub Washer 8 KG

Sanken Celosia TW-8566 DBX, what do you this about this washing machine product from the image you can see? Sanken Celosia TW-8566 DBX have good feature like X-TRA LOW WATT 150 Watt, White color, FREE DETERGENT BOX, Double Body, Transparent Lid (Green), Double Thermal Protector, X-TOR Pulsator and other. Read another sanken product like Sanken Delano TW-8388DBX.

TW-8566 DBX
Model : TW-8566 DBX (Celosia)

Kategori Mesin Cuci > Semi Automatis
Merk Sanken
Stok Ready
Garansi 3 Thn Sanken Indonesia
Harga Rp. 1,350,000,-

Sanken Celosia, Twin Tub Washer 8 KG



Colour: White
Double Body, Transparent Lid (Green), Double Thermal Protector, X-TOR Pulsator, Capacity: 8,6Kg
Do you need dryer? please read Electrolux drying machine EDV-600.

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