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harga mesin cuci sanken ambrosia

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Samsung WD-8752CJF Front Loading Washer, 7 KG for Cotton and synthesis washing

Samsung WD-8752CJF, what do you think about this washer from the image? from me, this washer design really elegant, and will really math in my house. Samsung WD-8752CJF price is Rp. 7,825,000, and type for this machine is front loading. Specification for this washer is Pre Wash, Ag+ Silver Wash, Features Capacity 7.5Kg, spin maximal 1.200rpm, Jog Dial and another a lot of stuff. My favorite washer from samsung is Front Loading Washer Samsung WF-0702NCE 7 KG.

Model : WD-8752CJF

Kategori Mesin Cuci > Front Loading
Merk Samsung
Stok Ready
Garansi 5 Thn Samsung Electronic Indonesia
Harga Rp. 7,825,000,-

Samsung Front Loading Washer, 7 KG for Cotton and synthesis washing


Standar Putaran Pencucian Wool Yes
Katun Yes
Kain Berwarna No
Kain sintetis Yes
Handwash Yes
Quick Yes
Spin Yes
Drain Yes
Delicates Yes
Rinse + Spin Yes
Towel No
Option Bilas + Yes
Bilas – Yes
Tetap Dibilas Yes
Ag+ Silver Wash Yes
Pre Wash Yes
No Spin Yes
Features Capacity 7,5Kg (washing) / 4,0Kg (drying)
Kecepatan spin maximal 1.200rpm
Fuzzy Logic Controls Yes
Standar Waktu Putaran (60? Katun) 120min
Lama Quick Wash 29min
Jog Dial Yes
Display Type Wide Graphic LED + Center Time Display
Door Open 142
Warna (Badan / Pintu) White / Chromed Cover + Silver Deco
Informative Functions Door Lock Display Yes
Time Left Display Yes
Progress Indicator Yes
Delay Start Yes
Fault Check Display Yes
Stop & Add No
Child Lock Yes
Tingkat Kebisingan Pencucian : dB(A)re 20µPa/dB(A)re1pw 46
Spin : dB(A)re 20µPa/dB(A)re1pw 62
Dimensi Dimensi bersih (W x D x H) 600 x 600 x 850mm
Dimensi kotor (W x D x H) 670 x 700 x 870mm
Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency B
Kinerja Pencucian A
Kinerja Spin A
Konsumsi Air 56L (Washing Only)
Konsumsi energi listrik (mencuci saja) 1,19kWh ( Washing Only)
Safety Child Lock Yes
Mencegah tidak kusut Yes
Kontrol anti busa Yes
Overheating Control Yes
Self Diagnostic System Yes
Self Cleaning Filter Yes
Weight Berat Bersih 71Kg
Berat Kotor 75Kg
Loading Quantity 20/40/40Hft 153sets
Compare Samsung brand with sanken like Sanken Ambrosia AW-S803 / 805.

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Sanken Ambrosia AW-S803 / 805, Full Otomatis 8 KG Washer

Sanken Ambrosia AW-S803, Have simple instruction to make your washing activity more easier. Sanken Ambrosia AW-S803 is full auto top loading washing machine. Price for this washing machine is really reasonable, only with Rp. 1,900,000, you will get good quality washer. Specification for this sanken product is Auto Soak, Stainless Steel Tub, Multi Dimension Water Fall, Inlet Bleacher, Super Spin Dry and other. If you have more time, please read Washing machine Sanken TW-1100.

AW-S803 / 805
Model : AW-S803 / 805

Kategori Mesin Cuci > Full Automatis Top Loading
Merk Sanken
Stok Ready
Garansi 3 Thn Sanken Indonesia
Harga Rp. 1,900,000,-

Sanken Ambrosia, Full Otomatis 8 KG Washer


Cucian Harum dan Lebih Bersih berkat X-TOR & Inlet Bleacher
Auto Soak, Stainless Steel Tub, Multi Dimension Water Fall, Inlet Bleacher, Super Spin Dry, Transparent Lid (Blue/Pink), Capacity: 8Kg
Compare with Sanken Semi Automatis TW-1200.

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