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harga tv lcd 22 inch lg 2011

Info about harga tv lcd 22 inch lg 2011 in Electronics and Furniture website. We provide you with the latest info for Electronics furniture and Mabel product.

Sanyo AC 1 PK Ultra Hikari

Sanyo AC 1 PK Ultra Hikari price is Rp. 3,150,000. You will get guarantee 3 years if you buy this air conditioner in Indonesia. Specification for this AC is Electrical Ratings, Running amperes, Power input, Controls Microprocessor, Compressor Rotary, Air Clean filter Washable and another great feature. Your room will more great with LG LCD TV 47″.

Sanyo AC 1 PK Ultra Hikari
Model : SAP-KC97GAX

Kategori Air Conditioner > AC Split 1 PK
Merk Sanyo
Stok Call
Garansi 3 thn Sanyo Indonesia
Harga Rp. 3,150,000,-

Sanyo AC 1 PK Ultra Hikari


capacity (kW) / BTU/h 1,85 / 8950
Air-circulation (indoor/outdoor) (Hi m3/h) 440/390/360
Moisture Removal (hi Liters/h) 1,2
Electrical Ratings
Voltage Rating (V) 220~240
Available voltage range (V) 135~264
Running amperes (A) 1,5/1,5/1,5
Power input (W) 720/730/740
C.O.P (W/W) 4,53/4,39/4,26
E.E.R (BTU/h.W) 15,22/14,77/14.33
Operating Sound H/M/L at Quiet Mode (IN dB-A)
Controls Microprocessor
Compressor Rotary
Fan Speed 3 speed and Auto/1 Speed
Timer 1-Hour OFF/12 Hour ON/OFF
Air deflection Horizontal / Vertical Manual/Auto / Auto
Air Filter Washable & Anti Mold
Air Clean filter Washable
Max. Tube length at shipment (m) 5,0
Ref. dia. Na/Wi. Pipe (mm (inch)) 6,35 (1/4) / 9,52 (3/8)
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Panasonic Alowa II Semi Deluxe Series 1 PK AC low watt 660w

Panasonic Alowa II, this AC brand. this is my first time to review air conditioner. specification for this air conditioner is Quiet Mode, Economy Mode, and another great stuff. I know you will interesting with LG All new High Definition LCD TV 42, this tv have really good quality.

Panasonic Alowa II Semi Deluxe Series 1 PK
Model : CS-KC9KKJ

Kategori Air Conditioner > AC Split 1 PK
Merk Panasonic
Stok Ready
Garansi 3 Thn Panasonic Indoonesia
Harga Rp. 3,400,000,-

Panasonic Allowa II Semi Deluxe Series 1 PK AC low watt 660w


o Low Wattage 660 Watt
o Powerful Mode
o Quiet Mode
o Timer On/Off 24 Jam
o Economy Mode
Kapasitas Pendingin 9,000 Btu/h – 2.65 kw
EER 11.3 Btu/hW
Data Listrik
Tegangan 220 V
Arus Kerja 3.8 A
Daya Listrik 670 W
Laju Pengembunan 1.6 L/h
Sirkulasi Udara (Ruangan/H) 7.2 m3/min
Dimensi (indoor)
W x D x H 799 x 280 x 208 mm
Dimensi (outdoor)
W x D x H 546 x 530 x 253 mm
Berat Bersih 98 (23) kg
Diameter Pipa Pendingin
Bagian Cair 6.35 mm – 1/4 inch
Bagian Gas 9.52 mm – 3/8 inch
Catu Daya Indoor
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