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Showcase Denpoo SC-508, 508LTR

Denpoo SC-508 is good fridge product for display your soft drink or something fresh, from the image below you can see how this Denpoo product look like. Price for this fridge from Denpoo only Rp. 6,985,000, and you will get 3 years guarantee. This fridge integrate with a lot of good specs and feature, and you can read detail below. I like this fridge design, really good too put in corner your mini market. Another good product i know you will interesting is Denpoo SC-708.

Model : SC-508

Kategori Kulkas > Show Case
Merk Denpoo
Stok Call
Garansi 3 Thn Denpoo Indonesia
Harga Rp. 6,985,000,-

Showcase Denpoo, 508LTR


SC-508 double door showcase.
Fixed lamp on the top, making the effect of advertisment.
Luxurious glass door to have good effect of display.
Even temperature inside.
Light in the case, glass door, customer can see everything in the case.
Model: SC-508
Capacity: 508 Liters
Rated Voltage(V): 220V
Rated Frequency(Hz): 50Hz
Total Input Power(W): 318W
Interior Temp(?): 0~10 ?
Size(LxWxH): 920x557x1894mm
Packing size: 960x608x1945mm
G.W.: 95KGS
Good product fridge for your fridge is Panasonic NR-A192DST Alowa, i know you will interesting.

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Kulkas Hitachi R-64VG 1 Door Glass Door Finishing

What do you think about Kulkas Hitachi R-64VG? This fridge from Hitachi is one door type, price for this product is Rp. 2,865,000 and you will get 5 years guarantee. Moldproof Door Gasket, Tempered Glass Shelf, Stylish Edge handle, Key Highlights is specification for this Hitachi R-64VG fridge. Compare this Hitachi product with Sanyo SR-D75F.

Model : R-64VG

Kategori Kulkas > 1 Pintu
Merk Hitachi
Stok Ready
Garansi 5 thn Hitachi Indonesia
Harga Rp. 2,865,000,-

Kulkas Hitachi 1 Door Glass Door Finishing


1 Door Glass Door Series
Key Highlights
Tempered Glass Door-Scratch Resistant
Stylish Edge handle
Tempered Glass Shelf
Big & Wide Vegetable Compartment
Nano Titanium System removes bacteria and odor
Moldproof Door Gasket
Full Insulation
Dimensions (W x D x H) : 556 x 680 x 1,253 mm.
Read also Sanyo Fridge Voltage 220 V/50Hz, this fridge also one door type.

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Sanyo SR-D75F mini fridge 1 Door

Sanyo SR-D75F have good specification and feature like Pre-Coated Metal, Garansi 5 Tahun, Wide Body, Color White/silver. Price for this one door Sanyo Fridge product is Rp. 1,215,000 and you will get 5 years guarantee. Compare with Sanyo SR-D180SB one door, another good product from the same brand.

Model : SR-D75F

Kategori Kulkas > 1 Pintu
Merk Sanyo
Stok Ready
Garansi 5 Thn Sanyo Indonesia
Harga Rp. 1,215,000,-

Sanyo mini fridge 1 Door


Dimensions (mm) 426x459x827
Net Weight (kg) 18
Voltage (v) 220
Frekuensi (hertz) 50
Color White, Silver
Features – Wide Body
- Garansi 5 Tahun
- Pre-Coated Metal
Sharp Fridge SJ-F240G, Price for this sharp product is Rp. 2,925,000 and you will also get 5 years gaurantee same like Sanyo SR-D75F.

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Chest Freezer Denpoo 310Lt SCF-400K with Net Capacity 310L

I always see this Freezer in mini market, they put ice cream inside. I never see family have this Freezer, except in shop. Net Capacity for this Chest Freezer Denpoo is 310L.

Chest Freezer Denpoo 310Lt SCF-400K
Model : SCF-400K

Kategori Kulkas ; Chest Freezer
Merk Denpoo
Stok Ready
Garansi 3 Thn Denpoo Indonesia
Harga Rp. 3,225,000,-

Chest Freezer Denpoo 310Lt


Size (mm) 1125*709*842
Net Capacity 310L

Read also about another fridge like Hitachi like Hitachi Washing Machine Otomatis.

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Electrolux Side by Side Fridge 90Cm with Mark Resistant Surface

Electrolux is really great brand mind in my country. Electrolux product have famous image “long live product”. today i will review about Electrolux fridge product. Electrolux Side by Side Fridge 90Cm, this fridge look really elegant. This fridge with Frost Free and Deodoriser.

Electrolux Side by Side Fridge 90Cm
Model : ESE-5608TA

Kategori Kulkas > Side By Side
Merk Electrolux
Stok Ready
Garansi 5 Thn Electrolux Indonesia
Harga Rp. 13,640,000,-

Electrolux Side by Side Fridge 90Cm


• Flexible, Adjustable Storage
With Electrolux refrigerators, you’ll never have to worry about running out of space. Completely organized, the flexible and adjustable storage caters for every occasion.
• Humidity controlled crisper
Helps keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.
Clear Storage Basket
Organising and locating frozen food is easy with clear freezer baskets.
• Spillsafe™ Glass Shelf
The sturdy Spillsafe™ glass captures and contains spills to the one shelf, minimising cleaning
• Slide-away Glass Shelf
The front half of this shelf slides neatly under the rear – perfect for storing tall items. It can be located on any level of the fridge interior, allowing you to easily modify the fridge to suit your needs.
Jet Air Curtain System
Allows cold air to circulate freely, keeping all areas of your fridge at a constant temperature.
Multi-Function LCD Touch Controls
Multi-function touch controls with eco/vacation modes help you reduce your energy consumption when you’re away. Fast chill and quick-freeze give you the convenience of speed cooling, while temperatures are controlled with fingertip ease

Dimension (WHD, mm): 895 x 1790 x 730
Deodoriser: Yes
Crisper Humidity Control: Yes
Mark Resistant Surface: Yes
Frost Free: Yes
Jet Air Cooling System: Yes
Flexible Shelves and Bins: Yes
Spill Proof Shelves: Yes
Door Alarm: Yes
Touch Controls: Yes

Read my review from Toshiba brand about “Toshiba Semi Automatic Washer“.

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