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Should I choose Map & Compass or GPS for Hiking Navigation ?

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For activities like travelling, hiking, and mountaineering, map and compass are undeniably needed. At least, you should not worry about being lost when reaching an area unknown before. In this modern day, there is now one more tool that is helpful to guide you when doing a trip. It is GPS. Yes, if some decades ago GPS can only be enjoyed by certain realms of people, now, anybody can just have it for free. Just install it on your Smartphone and anything can just be much easier.

So, which one is better map and compass or GPS for hiking navigation? If you need to choose, GPS is more important for sure. However, all of them now can just be enjoyed at once in a device. Here are then recommendations of the best GPS products for outdoor activities.

Garmin Oregon 650t
It is not exaggerating to mention this series from Garmin on the top of this list. In this 2018, Garmin Oregon 650t can be said as the most advanced GPS for some new features available. It has high-resolution touch screen to make it clearer and more readable even for the new users. Meanwhile, it also provides a built-in 8 MP camera, maps of preloaded Topo U.S 100k, a 3-axis compass, barometric altimeter, and accelerometer. The tracking system is very sensible and easy to use. More than that, the design is simple and it is not easily damaged or broken. For the power, Oregon 650 is compatible with AA batteries and NIMH battery pack.

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Garmin Montana 680t
A little lower than Garmin Oregon 650t, Montana 680t still gives you many great features for hiking and mountaineering. In general, the features provided are just the same, built-in 8-MP camera, 3-axis compass, barometric altimeter, Wi-Fi technology, and preloaded Topo U.S 100K maps. The difference is placed on the battery matter as it uses AA batteries and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. One thing that makes this product is worse than Oregon 650t is about the weight. It is bigger with full-sized screen but also heavier. But in general, it is still readable and easy to use.

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Garmin RINO 650t
Garmin RINO 650t is still as good and sophisticated as the two other series mentioned before. Maybe, the only lack here is about the design and appearance. It still adapts the traditional tracker design with high antenna. Besides, it is also not full-screen. However, it undeniably still have many great features including the Preloaded Topo U.S 100K maps, 3-axis electronic compass, barometer, and altimeter. Besides, although it is really old-fashioned in term of design, it is still really glove-friendly. Interestingly, it is also equipped by FRS and GMRS radio capability to make your communication during the trip is much interesting.

GARMIN eTREX TOUCH 35t, Modern Design For Your Hiking Equipment

Well, after reviewing the traditional-look GPS device from Garmin, let’s go back to the one with modern and cool design. it is small-sized and lightweight as well as the newest technology is applied here. Besides, it can be used for any other activities aside from hiking and mountaineering. Yes, you can even do it for cycling and any other common activities. Some other features are including Preloaded TOP U.US 100K maps, 3-axis compass, barometric altimeter, and AA batteries. Unfortunately, the screen on this series is considered too small so that some things tend to be not really readable.

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GARMIN eTREX 30x, equipped with a world map and good connectivity with other devices.

This is another small and lightweight GPS device with multiple features. This series has preloaded worldwide base map as well as capability to upload topo maps more easily. Besides, it also features the wireless connectivity and AA battery. The benefit of having this series is that the battery is linger life so that you don’t need to recharge it too often. However, Garmin eTrex 30x still doesn’t feature the touch screen so that you should operate it manually. For you who want to have a kind of sophisticated GPS device without spending too much money, this series is recommended. Yes, compared to other series, this one is affordable enough.

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Garmin eTREX 20x
It seems that the eTREX series is indeed available for you who need any GPS device in budgets but is still working well and advanced. Indeed, the features of this eTREX 20x are basic but those are the most important ones to make your trips and activities much easier. Some of the features available here are the preloaded worldwide base map and the ability to upload Topo maps, AA batteries that is durable for hours to not let you recharge this device too often. The quality of screen is really good although you may not enjoy the wireless technology here. Besides, the way to operate it is still manual since there is no touchscreen feature. One more thing, Garmin eTREX 20x is affordable in price.

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Garmin Fenix 5
Maybe, you need an innovation in term of GPS device. Well, you can enjoy here, in Garmin Fenix 5. This series is in the form of watch so that it is more simply carried. The screen is of course smaller than other devices mentioned before. However, this series provides almost the same great features also including the altimeter, barometer, compass, multi-sport mode, and Wi-Fi connectivity with your Smartphone. This device is also water resistance and durable to protect it more for it is being hit, fallen, or blown. Interestingly, it is also equipped by some features to measure the oxygen levels and heart activity. For you who love adventuring in extreme areas, Garmin Fenix 5 is a must.

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Suunto Traverse
Although many of recommended GPS devices are coming from Garmin, it doesn’t mean other brands cannot compete with it. Yes, another best GPS watch is manufactured by Suunto. The Traverse series is known as a versatile hiking watch as it features the altimeter, barometer, compass, and even Wi-Fi connectivity with other devices. Meanwhile, it also has the storm alarm, sunset and sunrise times, trackers for steps and calories, and still many others. The design is cool and simple as well as it is really lightweight. Don’t worry to wear it in extreme conditions since it is durable and waterproof.

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The Best GPS for Mountaineering.

It is so great that many people now love doing outdoor activities like hiking and mountaineering. Yes, it is one of the ways for being healthy as well as sees the nature more closely. Of course, if you are one of them, there are many things to be prepared before going including the GPS device. Many brands of GPS devices are provided out there but unfortunately not all of them are recommended.

From the previous article, you have learnt about the list of the GPS devices that are recommended. So, what is the best among them? it can be concluded that Garmin Oregon 650t is one step ahead from the others. this series has numerous great features essential for outdoor activities. First, there is a built-in 8 MP camera and the preloaded Topo U.S. 100K maps. For you who want to pass through the areas of US, you don’t need to look for manual map for this area’s current condition. It is all available in details in this device. Besides, it also features the accelerometer, barometric altimeter, and 3-axis compass.
In term of design, it represents the modern style for its touchscreen application with full-screen layout. The series is more readable and easy to use. The tracking system is also really sensitive even in the remote areas.

Hiking GPS Comparison

For hiking, there are some GPS devices recommended from the brand Garmin mentioned in the previous article. Some of them are Garmin Montana 680t and Garmin eTREX Touch 35t. Both are manufactured with the latest technology. Besides, those two are also really compact and simple in term of design so that they can just be brought anywhere without spending too much space.

There are some great features available in Garmin Montana 680t and FarmineTREX Touch 35t. They are the preloaded Topo US 100K maps, 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter, and the availability of AA batteries. Those series are also produced to meet the needs for all users whether they are already advanced and experienced in term of hiking or still the beginners. It is proven by the devices in general that are easy to operate and also really readable.

However, both series have their own benefits and lacks that the other may not have, Montana 680t is also equipped by the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Besides, the built-in camera in 8 MP makes it friendlier during the activities. However, this series tends to be heavier since the dimensions are big also. On the other hand, although eTREX Touch is without camera and rechargeable battery, it is lightweight and great for other activities like cycling.

The Best GPS Brand

After reading the previous list, it seems quite difficult to determine which one the best GPS devices among them. it can be simply said that Garmin Oregon 650t is the best for independent device. But if you also consider any other benefits, it seems that Garmin Fenix 5 is the ultimate winner. Of course, it is cool to imagine that such a device can be provided together with a multi-functioned watch.

Garmin Fenix provides basic and some other additional features of GPS for sure starting from the altimeter, barometer, and compass. However, it also has some others that are important but you may never think about before. Yes, they are trackers to measure the oxygen levels and heart activities. Those features are essential particularly if you really concern with your health conditions during the trips. Meanwhile, it is also simply connected to other devices including the Wi-Fi connectivity. Although Garmin Fenix is mainly purposed for mountaineering, it is flexible for any other sports for the application of multi-sport mode.

The design is simple and elegant and it is also really readable. More than that, it is also manufactured well with good materials making it beneficial in other things. Garmin Fenix 5 is strong and water resistant. For extreme conditions, this series is just more appropriate